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Trianca Features

Trianca uses the most sophisticated HTML chat software on the planet. There are plenty of features here for you to create your own identity and chat environment!

There following is a list of account features:

Feature Member Account
Registered names: These names can be changed at any time. Once a name is registered, only the owner can use it. You can use HTML to color your names and express your personality! Six Names
Chat Rooms: These rooms can be chat rooms or corkboards. You can use your HTTP served space to decorate these rooms and create your own chat environment! Six Rooms
HTTP Served Space: (Reachable through Private FTP). Enough space for you to create a home page, host pictures for your rooms, and any other information you want available to the web! 4MB of Space
E-Mail for your registered names: A POP3 server is available for the E-Mail. You can send and receive e-mail from your private mailroom, or, you can use an e-mail client like Eudora, Netscape E-Mail, or MS E-Mail! Included
Private Messaging System: A private messaging system is built into the system so that you are instantly notified of any private messages! Included
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